Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Character Profiles: Nikki Reynolds and Travis Kennedy

Nikolette Reynolds

1. Name: Nikki Reynolds
2. Age: 23
3. Hair: Short blond bob
4. Eyes: Brown
5. Build: Thin/Petite
6. Height: 5'2'
7. Personality: Sweet natured, a little naive, tough when needed.
8. Likes: Gossip, parties, fun, Travis
9. Dislikes: Conflict, problems, drama.
10. Music: Country Taylor Swift, Colbie Calliat rock.
11. Movies: 80's films
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Carey Mulligan
13. Clothes: Jeans, cute top, skirts on occasion.
14. Job: Waitress at Lyles, Clerk at Wicks, Sticks, & Tricks
15. Song: "I've Got This Friend" The Civil Wars

"I've Got This Friend" by The Civil Wars

Nikki's Words
“Nothing at all.” I said.
“Huh, that’s weird.” She said.
“Why is that weird?”
“The Lo I know wouldn’t just take some guy home and not do anything at all with him. It’s just too normal too rated G.”
I snorted, great, even my closest friend thought I was a whore.
“Thanks.” I said.
“No I just mean have you ever done that before, ever?” Nikki said.
“See that says something, it’s your lack of not doing anything that makes me think something’s up. Usually you’d get what you want, and be done with him. You wouldn’t take care of him, and you sure as hell wouldn’t take him home with you.” Nikki said.
I smiled and held up the diary for Nikki to see.
“What’s that?”
“A journal from work.” I said. A devious grin tugged at my face.
“How’d you get it?”
I laughed. “It dropped out of the sky.”
“Did you steal it?” Nikki said.
“No.” I said.
“Then how’d you get it?” She said again.
“I told you, it dropped out of the sky.”
“Holy shit, you’ve finally lost it, I knew when you told me about those dreams you’d lost it. I can’t believe you stole from your new boss.”
I sighed. “Nikki.”
“No you can’t talk me out of it. The crazy always believe they are sane. It’s for your own good. You don’t want to end up wearing pajamas and bunny slippers every day and feeding all the local cats do you?” She said.
“Nikki I swear to God, I’m not turning into Old Lady Mercer.” I said.
Nikki snorted. “That’s what Old Lady Mercer says, before she goes bat-shit and starts throwing her garbage at the kids who walk by her house.”
“She’s a kleptomaniac. I just borrowed this.” I said.

Travis Kennedy

1. Name: Travis Kennedy
2. Age: 26
3. Hair: Blond
4. Eyes: Green
5. Build: Athletic
6. Height: 6'1'
7. Personality: Friendly, out-going, joker.
8. Likes: Beer and pizza, parties, playing on the lake.
9. Dislikes: Arrogance, drama.
10. Music: 90's rock, Nirvana, Sublime, Bob Marley
11. Movies: Comedy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, American Pie, Hallpass, Hangover.
12. Actor whom my character resembles: Drew Van Acker
13. Clothes: Shorts, flip flops, tees. Laid back.
14. Job: Artist at Custom E Bikes.
15. Song: "Lithium" Nirvana

"Lithium" by Nirvana

Travis's Words

“Hi I’m Travis, you must be Lorelei.” He stuck out his hand and grasped mine. I felt a tingle of warmth move through my skin. He was like a warm blanket, his eyes and manner put you at ease. If I were a more open person, I would have told him my life story right there and then.
“Getting along well I see.” Travis’s voice was amused.
“Oh yea fantastically, why’d you bring him anyway?” I crossed my arms over my chest.
“Um…Nikki suggested it, but I’ll remember not to next time.” The smile had fallen from his face and I loosened my posture guiltily.
“Sorry, I just, he bugs me you know.” I said.
Travis’s smile returned.
“You have no idea. All I’ve listened to lately is Lo this, and Lo that. He won’t shut up about you. It’s pretty funny; I’ve never seen him this messed up over a girl.”
I bit my cheek to keep from smiling. Yes, Duncan annoyed me, because I didn’t know what to do with him, and he had this irritating way of breaking me down that drove me crazy.
“I find that hard to believe.” I said.
Travis shrugged and carried the tray of steaks towards the back door.
“You don’t have to but it’s the truth, there are plenty of girls in Concord that would kill to be you.” Travis stated.

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