Not everyone believes in love at first sight.

I know I didn't, but when a new boy moved to my little town, everything, including me changed. It wasn't his deep blue eyes, or his perfect smile that called to me, but a connection that was older than time. Our lives were connected, and the past has a way of circling.

After a date gone horribly wrong, then the blood and the fever. I started to hear voices no one else could hear. People died, some were tortured, my pain was her pleasure...and Lilith was at the center of it all.

Love isn't just a fairy tale, its survival. Clawing my way from death and standing up for that love no matter the price. Because in the end love is all that really matters anyway...even when its the at first sight kind.



I am ageless.
Powerful beyond your wildest dreams, and most terrifying nightmares.
I am without true form, and forever faceless.
My creator enabled me to move through your reflection.
I am untouchable, untraceable, and beyond any humans true understanding.
No one is beyond my reach there is no defeating me.
I am the whispering chill that greets your skin for I am everywhere and nowhere.
Whomever I seek will succumb to me for I am unrelenting in my quest for a descendant of true man.
I am Lilith...
And I am your death.

By. Ashley Jeffery


Lilith: Part 2
 Expected Publication: Fall 2014

No one ever said that relationships were easy. I guess I thought that once I found love everything else would fall into place.

I didn't count on my accident, the deaths of my mother and friends, and my annoying new ability. I didn't count on a lot of things.

I thought my trip into the Otherside would solve all my problems.

I thought Dean would be waiting for me when I got back....

I thought....seems to be my theme thoughts are like a lot of other people's assumptions.....ass and me seem to go hand in hand.

I never for one minute thought Lilith would win....I guess my thoughts should be outlawed..... because Lilith always wins.

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