Mean Streak

Mean Streak Series
Erotic Adult Fiction, packed with a punch. Steamy sex scenes, tainted lies and relationships with a psychological twist.


February 27th 2015

I killed a man.

Not with a knife or gun, but with my lies and actions, and though he may live and go on breathing, the man he was before is gone.

I can't change what happened. There are not enough Hail Mary's or Our Fathers to erase the mistakes that I have made. Four years and the Atlantic between us hasn't helped me escape my memories.

He is everywhere.

Slinking through the shadows of the night. Finding me in the daytime...whispering words full of pain and pleasure. Defiling me, ruling me, tempting me until I am nothing but a wanton whore.

People say that love conquers all...our love does nothing but destroy. Behind every miserable bastard, there is a Mean Bitch who made him that way.

I guess that makes me the Big Bad Bitch...



Expected Publication: Mid-2016



       Cassandra Madison

 1. Name: Cassandra Madison
 2. Age: 30
 3. Hair: Wavy brown with Betty Page bangs
 4. Eyes: Hazel
 5. Build: Slender
 6. Height: 5'7
 7. Personality: Reserved, introvert, analyzing.
 8. Likes: Manhattan's extra sweet, rope tops, being dominated, a good spanking.
 9. Dislikes: her father, her daddy issues as a result to her father, feeling broken, crying.
10. Music: The Lone Bellows, Active Child 
11. Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Evangeline Lilly 
13. Clothes: Designer suits, skirts, dresses, and ridiculously expensive shoes.
14. Job: Psychiatrist at Belmont Mental Hospital
15. Song: "Hanging On"---Active Child

    Julian Yates            

1. Name: Julian Yates
 2. Age: 32
 3. Hair: Dark unruly hair
 4. Eyes: Cooper
 5. Build: Lean muscles
 6. Height: 6'1
 7. Personality: Harsh, aggressive, impatient, brilliant.
 8. Likes: Brunettes, a woman with fight, rope play.
 9. Dislikes: Liars, ignorance.
10. Music: Rock
11. Movies: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
13. Clothes: Tailored suits. Ragged jeans on the rare occasion
14. Job: CEO of Yates Global Enterprises London Branch
15. Song: "The Greatest Bastard"---Damian Rice


         Benjamin Madison   

 1. Name: Benjamin Madison
 2. Age: 59
 3. Hair: Brown hints of grey
 4. Eyes: Hazel
 5. Build: Stocky
 6. Height: 6'0
 7. Personality: Asshole, narcissist, selfish, greedy, chauvinist.
 8. Likes: Expensive cars, blondes with little brains.
 9. Dislikes: losing, anyone who questions his authority. His father.
10. Actor whom my character resembles: Russell Crowe

Sophia Madison         

1. Name: Sophia Madison
2. Age: 57
3. Hair: Blonde
4. Eyes: Green
5. Build: Slim
6. Height: 5'6
7. Personality: ignorant, shallow,
8. Likes: shopping, living in denial.
9. Dislikes: improper behavior, acting out of character or imprudence.
10. Actress whom my character resembles: Cate Blanchett


            Jaxon Nichols


 1. Name: Jaxon (Jax) Andrew Nichols

 2. Age: 30
 3. Hair: Blonde
 4. Eyes: Blue/green
 5. Build: Lean, muscular
 6. Height: 6'3
 7. Personality: Friendly, funny, smart. 
 8. Likes: Libraries.
 9. Dislikes: Unfaithful liars.
10. Actor whom my character resembles: Chris Pine


Hex Madison          

 1. Name: Hector (Hex) Madison
 2. Age: 3
 3. Hair: Brown
 4. Eyes: Hazel
 5. Build: Muscular
 6. Height: 6'0
 7. Personality: Quiet yet charismatic, kind,
 8. Likes: Tailored suits, dancers, woman in general.
 9. Dislikes: bullies, liars, cheats.
10. Actor whom my character resembles: Drew Fuller

         Liv Tess

 1. Name: Olivia (Liv) Tess
 2. Age: 31
 3. Hair: dark blonde
 4. Eyes: brown
 5. Build: curvy
 6. Height: 5'4
 7. Personality: Kind, bubbly, fun, adventurous,
 8. Likes: Boys in suits, tattoo's, Hex
 9. Dislikes: Secrets, writers block, assholes.
10. Actress whom my character resembles: Hilarie Burton

     Angelica Abel      

 1. Name: Angelica Abel
 2. Age: 29
 3. Hair: Brown
 4. Eyes: Brown
 5. Build: Slim
 6. Height: 5'8
 7. Personality: catty, controlling, dramatic.
 8. Likes: Julian
 9. Dislikes: competition
10. Actress whom my character resembles: Nina Dobrev


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