Seven Deadly

A new series that will be based on the seven deadly sins.


Kyle Redding, Charlie St. James, and Alex Cavenaugh are three very different people that were united by similar deadly experiences with demons. When the trio of  hunters come across their worst nightmare, they are forced into a fight they don't know how to win. After a series of events set free the Seven Deadly Kings of hell they will stop at nothing to send them back. With the help of a few trusty friends, an ancient mystical dagger, a book of demon curses, and a few wild hairs, they will travel to the ends of the earth to extinguish the evil that was released on the world.

Each demon king is the embodiment of a deadly sin. Asmodeus the first of the Deadly Kings is Lust, and he will do anything to stay free. When Charlie St. James the fiery red head and walking PHD is infected with a dangerous case of lust, the trio will be tested in more ways than one.

    Charlie St. James

 1. Name: Charlie St. James
 2. Age: 25
 3. Hair: Wavy Dark Red Hair
 4. Eyes: Hazel
 5. Build: Athletic
 6. Height: 5'7
 7. Personality: Intelligent, reserved, fierce
 8. Likes: Libraries, research, order, morality
 9. Dislikes: Evil, greed, the big seven, ignorance
10. Music: My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, Florence and the Machine
11. Movies: Seven, Fallen,
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Jessica Chastain
13. Clothes: flannels, jeans, boots, whatever's clean
14. Job: T.A. and Research Assistant at Cal Poly San Luis
15. Song: "Demons"-Imagine Dragons

                                                                Alex Cavenaugh

 1. Name: Alex Cavenaugh
 2. Age: 27
 3. Hair: Brown
 4. Eyes: Brown
 5. Build: Muscular
 6. Height: 6'3
 7. Personality: Intense, complicated, sarcastic, layered
 8. Likes: Complexity, originality, Integrity
 9. Dislikes: Stereotypes,
10. Music: Motley Cru, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC
11. Movies: Exorcist, Die Hard, Mission Impossible
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Jay Ryan
13. Clothes: Jeans, muscle tees, shit kickers
14. Job: Teaches Self Defense, Religious Studies
15. Song: "Back in Black"-AC/DC

            Kyle Redding

 1. Name: Kyle Redding
 2. Age: 25
 3. Hair: Dirty Blond
 4. Eyes: Dark Blue
 5. Build: Athletic
 6. Height: 6'1
 7. Personality: Optimistic, smart, devoted, boy scout
 8. Likes: Redheads, intelligence,
 9. Dislikes: Illiteracy, drinking, evil
10. Music: Country, Rock,
11. Movies: Halloween, Tombstone,
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Jake Abel
13. Clothes: Jean's, tee's, boots, whatever
14. Job: Library Tech at Cal Poly San Luis
15. Song: "Walk the Line"-Johnny Cash

Seven Deadly Sins