The Books

The Wild Hunt, previously titled Midnight Manor then Finding Harmony, and at one time The Hounds of God series (I know ick) is a project I've been working on (and off) for over five (now seven) years. I can't say where the idea came from exactly except that I was researching monsters, and stumbled across a cult of people in 1600 Italy who escaped the Spanish Inquisition unscathed. Meaning simply they survived, were not burned at the stake or put to death. They even admitted to turning into werewolves, and still were not put to death, they claimed they were not witches but instead fought against evil witches and did so in the name of God, GOD, as in the Christian father of Jesus. Yes that God, and so began my hunt for more information about "good" werewolves. Oh yea the werewolves called themselves benandanti which translates to something like "good walkers" and were also considered, the hounds of god. Benandanti is the last name I gave Duncan, as a nod to the cult that started it all.

My Hounds, aren't really werewolves at all(see below), but you get the picture. My Cwn Annwn, which translates to  "hounds of  the Otherworld" (Annwn is the name of the otherworld) is a Welsh myth about the Hounds that chased down the souls of the dead that escaped from the Otherworld, or Otherside as they call it in the book. If you want to know more, read the book, which was published Oct/2012.

A longer explanation about why my hounds are NOT Werewolves
The Wild Hunt IS NOT another book about werewolves, shifters yes, Welsh mythology intertwined with an actual Fertility Cult in Italy hell yes, but werewolf it is not. Although I can say that in my story bites are the origin of the werewolf myth, and hounds as their enemies hate, HATE being called a werewolf, it's a thing, they aren't wolves, they aren't even dogs really, they are Cwn Annwn, hounds of the Otherside.

Lilith, oh Lilith, she is a very interesting/evil subject. A few years back, in order to give myself a break from The Wild Hunt, I started a side project just for fun. It was supposed to be something easy that helped me stretch my creative feet, and ended up being a big project like everything else I do. So after hours and hours of research about Lilith in The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Talmud and Jewish Folklore, I decided it needed to be bigger. I'm hoping I can chop it down a bit into a Novella, but if not it will be a full Novel. It is sort of a Prequel to the Seven Deadly Kings.

Here's a list of the Books and the release dates I'm Hoping, will happen, it's just a guess:

The Wild Hunt (WH 1)                                      10/31/2012
Lilith                                                                   02/10/2013
Scent Hound (WH 1.5)                                        07/31/2013
The Otherside  (WH 2)                                      06/30/2014
MEAN BITCH (MS 1)                                        02/27/2015
Released  (Lilith:Part 2)                                     Summer-2015
Bad Witch (WH .75)                                           Fall-2015
The Hidden/Bite Camp(WH 0.5 and 1.75)      April-2016
Soul Eater (WH 3)                                              Fall-2015
Asmodeus (SDK 1)                                             Fall-2016

I can't really guess farther than this, but WH stands for The Wild Hunt Series, and SDK stands for The Seven Deadly Kings Series. The first novel of the Seven Deadly Kings needs to follow Soul Eater chronologically.

10 Random Unimportant things about me.

1.  I love Chocolate, but it hates me.
2.  I grew up in the smallest town on earth, well I'm probably exaggerating, but my graduating class (the only high school for two towns) was only around 150 people. SMALL
3.  I was in the FFA and loved horses (and cowboys until an ex cured me).
4.  I love rock. From the classic like Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith,  to Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon, and Sick Puppies. Love me some rock!
5.  Is fearful I'm part hobbit, and have passed on the short gene to my poor unsuspecting children. Sorry boys.
6.  I'm anti-social. I'm happy being at home with my laptop, my family, and a nice comfy blanket.
7.  My favorite holiday is Halloween, and I decorate my house every year, the WHOLE house, bathroom, kitchen, and living room included!
8.  I could live off of turkey sandwiches and tomato basil bread! Yum
9.  Seriously addicted to Dexter, Supernatural, and True Blood!
10. Loves Australian films, music, etc.