Sunday, September 16, 2012

Character Profile: Lorelei Preston

I will be borrowing from the Meet The Character's page on The Wild Hunt Series blog, and adding a few little extras for fun.

Lorelei Preston

1. Name: Lo Preston
2. Age: 23
3. Hair: Wavy Dirty blond multiply the dirty!
4. Eyes: Hazel
5. Build: Slender-ish
6. Height: 5'5
7. Personality: Obnoxious/sarcastic/smart ass
8. Likes: Grey goose vodka, hot boys, motorcycles, greasy food, knives, poetry.
9. Dislikes: Swimming, boys with names, crying.
10. Music: Rock, folk/acoustic,
11. Movies: Usual Suspects, Boondock Saints
12. Actress whom my character resembles: Amber Heard, now imagine her with darker blond hair more eyeliner, a cigarette, and a few scars.
13. Clothes: Shorts, tee, and always boots
14. Job: Waitress Lyles, Clerk at Gideon's Attic.
15. Song: "The Slow Drug" Pj Harvey

Lo's song "The Slow Drug" by Pj Harvey


Lo's Words
"The silence joined the words we always left unspoken. Circling around and around until I was sure, the quiet would slice me open."
"The dead never leave us. I didn’t have to see rotting zombies to remind me of that. Every day I remembered them and mourned. An ache inside that was forever constant. All I had left of them were memories. I cherished everyone like they were diamonds. I didn’t want to forget them. I didn’t want to let go."
“A familiar pang of dread wrapped its icy hand around my heart."
"The scars weren’t overly red, but faded, some just light lines on my skin. Some of them I could cover with makeup, while others would never truly disappear. I felt like they completed me. A reflection of the way I felt inside."

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