Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Embarking on the unknown

Back before I decided to finally write...I still wrote. I wrote down idea's, dreams, everything I cared about or ever wanted to do. I think I was born to write. I took a class when I moved to the town I now call home. It was an English course at the local Junior College I was still a baby. Nineteen years old. The class was a higher course, thank you very much test scores, and it was about Dreams and Interpretations and how to use them in creative writing. It is the only College course I have taken on creative writing.

I have no desire to sully that great experience. I loved my class. There was even a lovely section in the book written by Stephen King about his use of dreams in his writing. This made a monumental impact on me as a person and a writer. Now back to the ideas I used to write down. When I was in high school I had one big idea. This idea of course was most first attempts are. I wrote down notes, and pages and pages of written dialogue and scenes.

When my grandma passed away, I found this huge pile of writings and cried as I went through them. Only God knows why she kept them, but I am forever grateful that she did. My first ideas, and the others that I wrote down when I worked at Cigna, were all thrillers. I love thrillers, I happen to enjoy them quite a bit. But I don't love them the way I love Harry Potter, The Hollows, and Stephen King, pretty much anything paranormal or with shape shifters...mostly werewolves.

Recently I finished The Otherside (queue obnoxious loud howling for myself by myself, yes I am that pathetic) I am supposed to be working on Lilith's not exactly happening. I tinker with Soul Eater, I open and close Lilith, and then for some reason a few months ago I thought, I'm jumping on the stupid Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon and writing something smutty!

Why would I do this?

I read Fifty...and though terrible and cringe worthy at times I salivated. That damn pair of warn jeans with one button undone makes me hot...No shit. I like me a good erotic novel. Megan Hart is queen of the orgasm. Holy Crap if you want to read something smutty and amazing read Collision, or Deeper. They are so hot you'll sweat.

Back to my point...I am writing something smutty. Something that terrifies me, challenges me, and freaks me the fuck out. I don't normally do horribly graphic sex scenes. I don't by choice because even though I enjoy reading it, writing it is a whole nother ballgame. I hate cheese, like not the dairy product, but the heaving bosom, quivering womanhood fucking cheese. Dude there is nothing more annoying than a female that says her lady bits, her who-haa, her vayjayjay, fucking hell, call it a pussy, call it a cock and lets be done with this shit.

I've read some atrocious romance and I have to skip some of these horrifyingly juvenile parts. Sex doesn't have to be graphic, but lets not baby talk it either I mean my God, who-haa. Hit me, seriously just slap me, it'll annoy me less.

Back to the point I keep falling from, I'm doing something I haven't done before. Is it because of the trend...a little...its mostly out of curiosity. I read enough of the dirty hot smut to wonder if I can pull it off...guess we'll find out.

Oh YEAH...the book, or books...if it works out are the MEAN STREAK series, and the first book is named...drum roll please....MEAN BITCH

I happen to be pretty fucking proud of this cover. It is AWESOME. I did it myself. Queue another round of obnoxious clapping!