Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Lilith Book Trailer/Meet the Characters of Lilith

Since I feel oh so inspired I thought I'd take some of that lovely creative energy and pour it into the new book. Lilith was written three years ago after I took my first little break from The Wild Hunt. The idea was to stretch my creative muscles and take a step back from the daunting task that was writing The Wild Hunt.

Lilith is about half the size of The Wild Hunt, and twice the size it was supposed to be. Like any project I take on it grew. The good part is that the story that came from it is really great, and I don't say that often about my own work. I wouldn't even say that about The Wild Hunt. TWH is more large and crazy than great. It was a vast undertaking of exponential proportions, a big bad bitch so to speak.

Lilith wasn't like that. Lilith was one of those stories I fell into and loved writing. It was exciting in a different way from TWH, which was probably what I needed. It's also a young adult. The only thing about writing Lilith that was hard was taking out the language, something I didn't have to worry about in TWH.

Long story short...above is the trailer. I think I'm getting better at making those too. I have a feeling Lilith will be a lot more popular that TWH because of its length, genre, and overall appeal. TWH is still my passion, but its a passion that is a lot of work. Lilith is just fun.

Patience (Pacey) O'Brien

  1. Name: Pacey O'Brien
  2. Age: 17
  3. Hair: Auburn/reddish brown
  4. Eyes: Purple/gray depending on her mood.
  5. Build: Peitite
  6. Height: 5'2
  7. Personality: Quiet, considerate, smart, sassy, short-tempered
  8. Likes: Dean, doing the right thing, family, truth.
  9. Dislikes: Lilith, liars, mean people, games.
10. Music: Rock, classic rock.
11. Movies: Anything horror.
12. Actress whom my character resembles:
13. Clothes: Skinny jeans, chucks, bracelets, band tee.
14. Job: Unemployed. Highschool student
15. Song: "Heavy in your arms"---Florence + The Machine

                                Dean Charleston
  1. Name: Dean Charleston
  2. Age: 18
  3. Hair: Brown
  4. Eyes: Deep blue/green
  5. Build: Muscular/athletic
  6. Height: 6'1
  7. Personality: Ultimate Boy Scout, curteous, mannered, a little haunted.
  8. Likes: Pacey, beauty, taking care of people, being needed, puzzles.
  9. Dislikes: Ugly behavior, anyone threatening those he loves.
10. Music: Rock
11. Movies: Action, horror, comedy
12. Actor whom my character resembles:
13. Clothes: Jeans, t-shirt, boots.
14. Job: Unemployed
15. Song: "Chalk Outline"---Three Days Grace

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